Octillion Training Academy's Initial Gas ACS Assessment course is a thorough program designed for aspiring Gas Safe Registered Engineers in London. The course, which meets the legal requirements set by the Gas Safe Register, aims to verify and enhance your skills and knowledge, providing you with the necessary competencies to flourish in the gas engineering industry.


Embark on a Rewarding Career as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer with Our Comprehensive Initial Gas ACS Assessment in London

Are you eager to launch your career as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer in London and join the ranks of esteemed professionals? Octillion Training Academy is here to help you achieve your dreams with our comprehensive Initial Gas ACS Assessment. As the official gas registration body for the UK, Isle of Man, and Guernsey, the Gas Safe Register is a legal requirement for all gas engineers. Our in-depth Gas ACS Assessment in London is designed to validate your skills and knowledge, ensuring you possess the required competencies and qualifications to excel in the industry.


Comprehensive Assessment Coverage:

The Initial Gas ACS Assessment in London thoroughly evaluates your understanding of key areas, such as:

  • Installation of pipework and fittings, ensuring adherence to safety standards and regulations

  • Tightness testing and purging to guarantee secure and efficient gas systems

  • Combustion and combustion analysis for optimal performance and safety

  • Flues and chimney systems, essential for proper venting and emissions management

  • Ventilation techniques and requirements for maintaining a safe environment

  • Unsafe situations procedures to effectively identify and mitigate risks

  • Safety devices operations and defects, crucial for the prevention of accidents and hazards

  • Checking for installation/appliance defects to uphold industry standards and maintain safe practices

"The 2-5 day assessment takes place at our state-of-the-art Uxbridge training centre, providing an immersive and supportive learning environment. You will be evaluated through a combination of multiple-choice questions, written theory questions, and practical assessments, including installation, servicing, and safety checks of appliances. The duration of the course varies depending on the elements you choose to enrol in.

As course selections can depend on various conditions, we encourage you to call us for advice to help you choose the right course to meet your needs."


To participate in the Initial Gas ACS Assessment, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of a managed learning program or a new entrant course, or an equivalent

  • ACS qualifications expired for more than 12 months (if applicable)