PipeProdigy, offered at Octillion Training Academy, is an intensive 7-day course designed to elevate pipework skills. With a focus on personalized instruction, it caters to aspiring gas engineers and DIY enthusiasts, even without prior experience. The course prepares learners to produce high-quality, visually impressive pipework.


Embark on a transformative journey with PipeProdigy, a 7-day intensive course that will elevate your pipework fabrication and installation skills from novice to professional. Exclusively offered at the prestigious Octillion Training Academy, this in-person course guarantees an immersive learning experience by limiting each class to only three learners, ensuring personalised attention and focused instruction.

Designed for aspiring gas engineers, DIY enthusiasts, and individuals seeking to acquire essential plumbing skills, PipeProdigy welcomes learners of all backgrounds, requiring no prior experience. This comprehensive course serves as the perfect launchpad for your career in pipework mastery.

Crafted by the college's director, who boasts an impressive background in plumbing competitions like SkillPlumb and WorldSkills, PipeProdigy equips you with the skills to create dazzling, Instagram-worthy pipework that serves as a visual brochure for potential clients, showcasing the exceptional quality of work they can expect at their properties.

Course Objective

Course Topics:

Introduction to Pipework Materials

  • Copper, Plastic, and Steel: Characteristics and Applications in the British Context

Measurement and Cutting Techniques

  • Precision and Accuracy in Pipework Fabrication for the UK Industry

Pipework Preparation and Soldering

  • Flawless Soldering for Copper Pipework in Line with British Standards

Assembling and Joining Pipework

  • Customised Solutions Using Diverse Joining Methods to Meet UK Market Needs

Bending Pipework

  • Intricate Angles and Shapes for Aesthetically Pleasing Installations in British Homes

Creating Instagram-worthy Pipework

  • Transform Your Portfolio into a Visual Brochure for Potential Clients in the UK

Hands-on Practice and Real-World Applications

  • Mastering the Art of Pipework through Guided Instruction Tailored to the British Industry


Upon successfully completing the PipeProdigy course, you will receive an in-house certificate of attendance, acknowledging your newly acquired skills.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best and embark on your journey in the world of pipework fabrication and installation. Enrol in the PipeProdigy course at Octillion Training Academy today and unlock your potential, one perfect bend at a time!