Octillion Training Academy is offering the Gas Safety Awareness Course, designed to educate landlords, homeowners, tenants, estate agents, and others about the importance of gas safety in homes and properties. This one-day, in-person course provides insights into notable gas-related incidents, their causes, and preventative measures, and includes engaging lectures, workshops, and a tour of our advanced gas workshop. No prior experience is necessary to participate.


Are you a landlord, homeowner, tenant, estate agent, or simply someone concerned about gas safety in your home or property? Look no further! Octillion Training Academy is proud to offer the Gas Safety Awareness Course, designed to bring awareness to the general public and improve safety around gas systems in homes and properties.

Gas-related incidents, such as the Ronan Point disaster in 1968 and numerous tragic cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, have highlighted the importance of gas safety awareness. Our one-day, in-person course delves deep into these events, dissecting their causes and discussing preventative measures to ensure the safety of your home or property.

Course Objective

With no prior experience required, you will explore essential topics through engaging lectures, workshops, and a guided tour of our state-of-the-art gas workshop. Our comprehensive course is organised into the following modules:

  • Introduction to Gas Safety: Legislation, Gas Safe Register, and CORGI transition

  • Real-life Incidents: Ronan Point disaster, carbon monoxide poisoning case studies, and lessons learned

  • Regulations and Certifications: Gas Safety Certificates, Building Regulation Compliance Certificates, and RIDDOR

  • Gas System Components: Boilers, guarantees, warranties, and Benchmark procedure

  • Unsafe Situations: Industry procedures, Immediately Dangerous (ID) and At Risk (AR) installations

  • Gas Characteristics: Density, flammability, complete and incomplete combustion

  • Carbon Monoxide: Dangers, alarm positioning, and prevention strategies

  • Flue Systems: Room sealed, open flued, and flueless systems

  • Practical Gas Safety: ECV and Meter Box regulations, gas workshop tour, and hands-on activities


Upon completion of this immersive course, you'll be equipped with the essential gas safety knowledge that could save lives. 

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your gas safety expertise and make your home or property a safer place for everyone. Learn from past incidents, protect your loved ones, and ensure a secure environment. Reserve your spot today at Octillion Training Academy and empower yourself with the knowledge to make a difference.