Expand your skillset and embrace the future of the renewable energy industry by becoming a certified professional in unvented hot water systems!


Course Description:

Stay ahead in the competitive plumbing and heating industry by mastering unvented hot water systems at Octillion Training Academy. Our in-depth Domestic Hot Water Course (G3) provides you with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to design, install, service, and maintain unvented systems, positioning you as an industry leader in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector.

Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be a certified expert in unvented hot water storage systems. Say goodbye to contacting your local Building Control Officer for approval, as you'll be recognised as a competent professional, capable of self-certifying your work.



At Octillion Training Academy, we employ a comprehensive assessment approach, including multiple-choice questions, short written responses, scenario questions, and observed practical tasks. We also offer a re-assessment route for candidates seeking to renew their qualification.


Course Objective

Course Content:

Our meticulously designed course delves into crucial aspects of unvented hot water systems, covering:

  • In-depth understanding of vented and unvented hot water systems and their operating principles

  • Expertise in the design, installation, and component selection for vented and unvented hot water systems

  • Proficiency in maintaining vented and unvented hot water systems to ensure safety and longevity

  • Comprehensive knowledge of other applicable building standards and regulations for seamless integration into your practice

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend:

This course is tailored for experienced plumbers and heating engineers with a background in hot water systems, including vented and unvented systems.

If you're new to installing unvented systems, our bespoke course will provide you with the essential practical knowledge to excel in this specialised field. Experience our exceptional hands-on training, where you'll have the opportunity to install a complete unvented hot water system, including a boiler, controls, and wiring. This optional practical component ensures you'll leave the course with the confidence and competence to tackle real-world installations. This is not mandatory.