The Managed Learning Program (MLP) is a meticulously designed educational course aimed specifically at individuals who aspire to forge a career path within the gas industry. This program is ideally suited for those who currently lack substantial experience or any relevant background in the trade. By participating in this course, these individuals will gain the requisite skills and knowledge, providing a solid foundation for their future professional development in the gas industry.



Embark on an exciting journey with Octillion Training Academy, where we provide a comprehensive Gas Managed Learning Programme & ACS Gas Assessment course tailored to help you achieve your goal of becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Our easily accessible, state-of-the-art facility in Uxbridge, London, offers the perfect learning environment, complete with free parking for our students.


Flexible and Comprehensive Course Structure

Our industry-leading course features a flexible six-month schedule with 40 days of in-person learning delivered over weekends, allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance while gaining a solid foundation in gas safety and engineering principles. Adhering to the IGEM training standards, we ensure you receive top-quality education and the essential qualifications to excel in the field.


Innovative Learning Environment

At Octillion Training Academy, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional learning experience through our cutting-edge workshop facilities. These facilities simulate real-world scenarios, enabling you to develop practical skills confidently and efficiently. Our workshop features high-quality tools from reputable brands and leverages technology to enhance understanding and engagement in all aspects of learning.

Course Objective

Course Content

Our Gas Managed Learning Programme covers a wide array of vital topics, ensuring you develop a well-rounded understanding of the industry, including:

  • Safety, Legislation, and Standards

  • Gas Emergency Actions and Procedures

  • Products and Characteristics of Combustion

  • Ventilation for Domestic Gas Burning Appliances

  • Installation of Pipework and Fittings

  • Tightness Testing and Purging

  • Checking and/or Setting Gas Meter Regulators

  • Unsafe Situations, Emergency Notices, and Warning Labels

  • Operation and Positioning of Emergency Isolation Controls and Valves

  • Checking and Setting Appliance Operating Pressures and Heat Input

  • Operation and Checking of Appliance Gas Safety Devices and Controls

  • Chimneys and Flues

  • Chimney Installation, Inspection, and Testing

  • Re-establish Existing Gas Supply and Re-light Appliances

  • Basic Electrical Safety

  • Domestic Appliances Generic Appliances

  • Central Heating Boilers, Systems, and Controls

  • Water Heater Systems and Controls.


Entry Requirements and Additional Support

We have no formal entry requirements for our course. However, a basic understanding of plumbing and heating systems is necessary for successful engagement with the course content. For learners who need additional support, we offer the Heat 101: Plumbing and Heating Basics course, which provides the necessary foundation knowledge to thrive in the gas engineering industry.


Why Choose Octillion

Why Choose Octillion Training Academy?

Here are some key reasons why Octillion Training Academy stands out as your ideal choice for pursuing a rewarding career in gas engineering:

  • Small class sizes with a maximum of 7 students, ensuring personalised attention and support

  • Flexible learning schedule spanning six months, with classes held on non-consecutive weekend days

  • State-of-the-art workshop facilities that simulate real-world scenarios for hands-on skill development

  • Inclusive of the highly useful ViperGas Domestic Gas Handbook

  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and biscuits provided throughout the day to keep you refreshed and energised

Market Needs

The Future of Gas Engineering and Earning Potential

With the UK transitioning towards hydrogen boilers to reduce carbon emissions, the demand for skilled gas engineers continues to grow. By completing our course, you'll be well-positioned to capitalise on this expanding market and enjoy a fulfilling career. Gas Safe Registered Engineers can expect starting salaries ranging from £28,000 to £35,000 per year, with potential earnings increasing as you gain experience, explore self-employment opportunities, or take on directorship roles.



Upon successful completion, students will earn certifications for the Gas Managed Learning Programme and the Gas ACS Assessment Domestic Core Gas Safety and Combustion Analysis (CCN1/CPA1) and Central Heating Boilers and Water Heaters (CENWAT).

Portfolio and Course Materials

Portfolio and Course Materials

Once the registration process is completed, learners are provided with their own portfolio, which they must progressively populate with evidence as they proceed through the course. This portfolio necessitates the collection of evidence directly related to the appliances for which learners wish to become certified. With this package's emphasis on Central Heating Boilers and Water Heaters, learners are required to gather evidence from 5 installations, 5 boiler services, and 4 boiler fault findings.

In addition to these requirements, learners must also record a minimum number of hours working on-site under the supervision of a Gas Engineer. This hands-on experience is essential for learners to understand the nuances of the industry and apply the skills they learn in a real-world context.

While some of these experiences can be obtained at the college itself, the majority will need to be acquired on-site. Throughout the course, we will continue to provide guidance and support to help learners fulfil these requirements, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of their chosen field.

Additionally, students will receive the ViperGas Domestic Gas Handbook, an invaluable resource for aspiring gas engineers.

Embark on a Rewarding Career as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

Take the first step towards unlocking a world of opportunity in the thriving UK gas engineering market by enrolling in our Gas Managed Learning Programme & ACS Gas Assessment course today. Call us or visit our facility in Uxbridge, London, to learn more about our exceptional course offerings and how we can help you succeed. Don't miss this chance to build a fulfilling and lucrative career as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.